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Anonymous: Kenzie & Nia should be praised. They ARE lefty dancers.. 
Anonymous: Kendall IS younger than maddie. Hers is 12-9-2 while maddie's is 9-30-2. BUT kendall has been dancing longer than maddie. Maddie started at 2 and a half Kendall began at 1 and a half:) 
Anonymous: Sorry, I didn't know their birthdays. Kendall seems younger on the show. But anyways, that wasn't my point. A lot of people have been praising Kendall because they think she's a lefty dancer who is forced to do stuff on the right side for group dances, but she isn't. Although she does seem to prefer left kicks. 

She is a lefty, but she’s only a lefty dancer for some things, I guess that’s just how she learned at her old studio, its weird. Like she does left kicks, and her straddle leaps to the left, but does right aerials and right other leaps and jumps, and right turns. 

Anonymous: Kendall is NOT a lefty dancer, she is left HANDED. There is a difference. Just look at her solos, she does everything on the right. I'm right handed, but I'm a lefty dancer. The ONLY reason she's not as good as Maddie and Chloe yet is because she is younger than them, and that's okay. There's no need to make up other excuses. 

actually kendall is not even 4 months younger than maddie..

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Anonymous: Asia is not 'better' than everyone on the team. Asia lacks technique, she lacks fluidity, she lacks grace. She is MAGNIFICENT in her dancing style, but has much room for growth. To call her the best is foolish.